Business Profile

The Company was incorporated on 27th October,1972 as Private Limited Company in the name & style of Badridas Investment Company Private Limited and converted into a Public Limited Company and obtained a fresh certificate of Incorporation dated 21st July,1975. It was promoted by Mr.Purushottam Das Chitlangia and others.

The Company's shares are listed at the Calcutta Stock Exchange Associatition Limited & The Magadh Stock Exchange, Patna. The Company is a Non-Banking Financial Institution not accepting Public Deposit and is registered with Reserve Bank of India.


The Company is primarily engaged in providing short term loans to Body Corporates.


The Company is primarily engaged in the business of dealing in Shares / Stock / Bonds / Debentures / Securities issued by the listed , non listed Companies , Government or Local Authorities etc. or other Securities of like nature.

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